Transmetropolitan–Issue 55-60


English | CBR| 21-24 pages | 46 MB

"Headlong" #55-57
The Smiler declares that the City is now under martial law, and Spider’s posse narrowly manage to avoid assassination before taking refuge at Yelena’s father’s home. After they expose a massacre by the National Guard detachment, resembling the one that occurred at Kent State University, and causing the media to finally stand up against the President, Spider has one final confrontation with Gary Callahan at Dante Street.

"Straight to Hell" #58
"The Long Day Closes" #59

In the penultimate issue of the five-year series, gonzo journalist extraordinaire Spider Jerusalem and the disgraced American president Gary Callahan have their final confrontation very close to the area where the Dante Street police riots took place. Martial law continues to allow government troops to run free through the various streets and neighborhoods of the City as it slowly burns around them. Open conflict with citizens and civilians, all of this witnessed by various members of the press, continues unabated. A special selection of the Secret Service remains in a protective circle around President Callahan as he speaks with Spider, but none of this really matters as the final smack across the face gets delivered by the empowered against the "powerless." Detective Malandra Newton makes her final appearance (she was last seen in issue #44) in order to arrest The Smiler right before the final page of the issue when we see Channon and Yelena frantically run into the room as Spider collapses to the ground, blood flowing freely from his nose as he mutters, "One last stunt. Took it all out of me. I am so fucking tired." right before he closes his eyes and the issue ends.
"One More Time" #60
Spider has returned to his mountain home to live out his remaining days in peace, letting his assistants take his place in the public spotlight. Everyone thinks he’ll die soon, but in the end, it is revealed that Spider has recovered from his disease, and is faking illness so that people will leave him alone.



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