Transmetropolitan–Issue 49-54


English | CBR| 21-24 pages | 52.2 MB

"Here Comes the Sun" #49
Spider, Channon, and Yelena visit the Vita Severn Memorial Federal Disaster Zone and discuss President Callahan’s chances at re-election. They resolve to write a piece linking the mayor of The City to the disaster and crash a bar, assailing the patrons and staff to get at Fred Christ, hiding in a back room.

"Happy Talk" #50
Following from the start of the confrontation in the previous issue, Spider, Yelena, and Channon beat the backstory behind multiple past events concerning Fred’s involvement with President Callahan. The three leave Christ bloody and beaten, with the intent to use the newly-gleaned information in a new Spider-written piece.
"Two-Fisted Editor" #51
Chafing under the new restrictions the government has placed on his newspaper, Royce sets out to assist Spider in bringing down the Callahan Administration. But to do so, he has to retrieve his private data cache, which contains evidence of the Smiler’s corruption, and deliver it to Spider before the Smiler’s operatives get to either of them first.
"The Cure" #52-54
Spider’s brain may be shutting down, and professional assassins sent by the President may be on his ass, but Spider is content, because he’s back on the case and finally finding the nails he needs for the Smiler’s coffin. But even armed with such things as the Chair Leg of Truth, Spider’s enemies, outside in the chaotic streets and within his own head, may yet win the day…or perhaps Spider’s crusade will finally inspire others to seek the Truth…



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