Transmetropolitan–Issue 37-42


English | CBR| 21-24 pages | 49.2 MB

Year Four
"Back to Basics" #37-39
Newly independent of The Word, Spider begins publishing articles exclusively through The Hole, but first he has to survive an assassination attempt by a three-man team as he exits the lavatory of a bar, and even though the masses are now reading his words again… things are not exactly as they may seem.

"Business" #40
Spider interviews two pre-adolescent children, one boy and one girl, who sell themselves for sex every night and sleep in a homeless shelter during the day. At the end of the issue, he speaks with the guy who runs the shelter and then points across the street at another child propositioning himself by uttering the word, "Business?"
"There is a Reason" #41
The first eight pages of this issue feature a page length monologue by a mentally ill person, most likely suffering from schizophrenia, and the last sentence spoken by a sickly looking man on page eight is the title of this issue: There is a Reason. Spider begins to narrate the issue with the words, "More crazy people on the street than there used to be," and he continues to explain why this has happened for two pages before talking directly to Channon and Yelena in a diner. He then takes them for a walk through The City in order to find another crazy person who happens to be a witness to the devious sexual activity performed by Alan Schact, a representative of The Smiler first seen during the "Year of the Bastard" storyline, who helped him get elected by illicit means. Spider continues walking and talking to his Filthy Assistants (and also to us, the reader) as he explains why stories need to be sought from those who have no true voice to represent themselves in the new version of America that President Gary Callahan is trying to achieve. Spider stares at us one final time at the end of the issue and repeats the mantra of this story: There is a Reason.


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