Transmetropolitan–Issue 31-36


English | CBR| 21-24 pages | 52.3MB

“Nobody Loves Me” #31
This issue shows Spider’s reaction to his story about the Dante Street police riot remaining unpublished because it was given a D-Notice by the government. Driven to the edge of suicide by the thought that no one takes him seriously, as well as three horrible TV adaptations of his life and work, Spider ingests a massive amount of drugs and experiences two very twisted hallucinations. Issue #31 is drawn by several artists in addition to series co-creator Darick Robertson, the list includes Lea Hernandez, Kieron Dwyer, Bryan Hitch, Frank Quitely and Eduardo Risso. The last page lists all the guest artists and the titles of their individually drawn story segments underneath a picture of Spider passed out on his bathroom floor while his cat urinates on his head.

“The Walk” #32
Spider aimlessly wanders through the streets of The City while contemplating what to do regarding the D-notice placed on his article by the White House until he notices the demolition of a dilapidated building filled with squatters by two tanks driven by the CPD. Spider refers to this as a “D-notice for people” and the incident prompts him to come up with the idea to release his article about the Dante Street police riot onto a text-only feedsite known as The Hole. The issue ends with a quote by H. L. Mencken underneath a picture of Spider sleeping peacefully by the river in a secluded section of The City.
“Dancing in the Here and Now” #33
While Spider remains unconscious inside their shared apartment, Channon and Yelena escape from him in order to go bar hopping and enjoy a shopping spree for some new clothes. After a little while, Channon notices that they’re being followed so they go into a gun store to purchase some weapons. They both test fire a pair of “MARR special-issue nerve-breaker” guns (using a replicated series of Channon’s ex-boyfriend for target practice) and then return to the street where they’re immediately confronted by a mysterious black car and the same person that had been following them earlier. Yelena destroys the car while Channon confronts the nameless female government agent and tells her to back off. The ladies sit and talk in a nearby park about what just happened and the both agree that they’ve never felt more alive than during the time since they started working for Spider. As they’re leaving, Spider appears at the end of the issue and says, “They love my ass.” as he picks up a dead pigeon (killed by Yelena throwing a breadcrumb at the back of its head) and shoves it into his mouth.
“Gouge Away” #34-36
Having gathered his evidence in secrecy, Spider releases a blistering attack on the President. However, when the President retaliates and gets him fired from The Word, Spider and his assistants manage to evade a forced eviction as they promptly disappear into the milieu of The City.



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