Transmetropolitan–Issue 25-30


English | CBR| 21-24 pages | 55.3MB

"Here to Go" #25
While being interviewed by a feedsite journalist, Spider reflects on a few of his notable life experiences and how they have influenced his perspective on life.

"21 Days in the City" #26
Each issue contains twenty-two pages, the first page always features a one-panel picture along with the title and the credits, and the remaining twenty-one pages are dedicated to the story. This issue has twenty-one one-panel pictures, each of them representing a separate aspect of life in The City. Spider acts as an omnipotent narrator as he talks the reader through his own personal insight of what it means to live in the disturbing futuristic world of Transmetropolitan.
"Monstering" #27
Senator Tarleton Sweeney pays a visit to The City where he attempts to hold a press conference and release a placating statement regarding the recent accusations against him for his alleged funding of covert pornographic films. Spider calls his filthy assistants to join him as they go "monstering" against the senator, which entails repeatedly ambushing the senator with numerous questions about the porno films (as well as the senator’s personal sex life) and eventually making the corrupt senator liable for all the laws he’s broken during the time he was supposed to be acting as a civil servant in public office.
"Lonely City" #28-30
Following a Rodney King-esque acquittal of a gang of race-hate thugs and the police riot that emerges at the Dante Street police house because of it, Spider realizes that The Smiler is systematically silencing anything that could discredit him during his presidency.



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