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English | CBR,CBZ| ~22-28 pages |857 MB

     Cyberforce (also rendered Cyber Force) is an Image Comics super-hero team created by artist Marc Silvestri and writer Eric Silvestri in 1992. Silvestri began by performing both the plotting and pencilling chores, but the series was subsequently drawn by other artists, including David Finch.


Cyber Force Annuals
Cyber Force Origins 01 – 03
Cyber Force Sourcebook 01 – 02
Cyber Force v1 00 – 04 (1992)
Cyber Force v2 01 – 35 (1993)
CyberForce Killer instinct
Cyberforce v3 (2006)
Cyber force zero special edition ashcan edition
Cyberforce & Strykeforce – Opposing Forces #1-2
Cyberforce Ashcan.cbr
Cyberforce preview ashcan edition.cbr
Cyberforce V2 ZERO.cbz
Cyberforce X-Men 1 (2007)
Cyblade – Pilot Season 01 (2007)

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