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Dark Horse Comics – Brody’s Ghost

 Brody's Ghost Book 1-001
English |CBR| ~ 90 pages |514 MB

     A young man who has given up on making any real effort in life, since being dumped by his girlfriend, Nicole. Brody is mostly a mellow guy, but he sometimes has a problem with his temper. One day he meets a ghost named Talia, who wants his help finding and apprehending a serial killer known as the Penny Murderer..

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MonkeyBrain Comics – Amelia Cole

 Amelia Cole
English |CBR| ~24 pages |532 MB

             Amelia Cole lives in two worlds — literally. One runs on magic, the other built on technology. When the barriers between those worlds start to break down, Amelia and her aunt Dani must take extreme action. It’s the start of whole new world in adventure, magic, and excitement as Amelia Cole steps forward to do what she knows it right, even when the consequences might be wrong.

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Avatar Press – Providence – Issue 1-3

 Providence New Avatar Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |189 MB

          The most important work of 2015 begins here with the long-awaited arrival of Alan Moore’s breathtaking epic PROVIDENCE with his artistic partner Jacen Burrows. In his most carefully considered work in decades, Moore deconstructs all of Lovecraft’s concepts, reinventing the entirety of his work inside a painstakingly researched framework of American history…

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Marvel Comics – Doctor Strange Comic Collection – Volume 2

 Dr Strang Sorcerer
English |CBR| ~24 pages |594 MB

        Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, best known under his alias Doctor Strange, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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IDW Publishing – Mystery Society – Issue 1-5 (include Special)

 Mystery Society Comics
English |CBR| ~24  pages | 278 MB

       IDW Publishing, famed horror creator Steve Niles and renowned artist Fiona Staples invite fans to join the Mystery Society. The all-new, five-issue series introduces Nick Hammond and Anastasia Collins, who are the Mystery Society and bring new meaning to "underground cult" status. Each issue features a fun and sexy new adventure for this skullduggery duo, as they stealthily avoid the authorities while righting the wrongs committed in the dark recesses of the world’s underbellies.

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Comix Tribe – And Then Emily Was Gone – Issue 1-5

  And Then Emily Was Gone
English |CBR| ~24 pages |157 MB

       Greg Hellinger is a man who sees monsters. A former detective driven to the brink of madness by terrifying apparitions, he is tasked with finding a missing girl named Emily. Hellinger’s search takes him to a remote
community in the Scottish Orkney Islands, where strange and terrifying things are happening. Cover by superstar artist Riley Rossmo (Bedlam, Drumheller.)

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IDW Publishing – Edward Scissorhands – Issue 1-9

 Edward Scissorhands Comics
English |CBR| ~30  pages | 348 MB

          The 1990 cult-classic film from auteur Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands ends with the heroine of the story, an aged Kim being asked by her granddaughter, “How do you know he’s still alive?” to which she answers, “I don’t know. Not for sure. But I believe he is.” In the comic book event of fall 2014, IDW Publishing revisits this modern classic two decades after the end of film to finally answer that question.

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Image Comics – Dark Engine – Issue 1-5

 Download Image Dark Engine
English |CBR| ~32 pages |306 MB

          The world is cracked and in ruin. The air is full of dead men’s ashes, fallen colossi smother the earth with their decayed husks, and infectious monsters roam freely. In their desperation, a group of alchemists have created a killer named Sym from obscene magic, outfitting her with an engine that will allow her to travel back in time to stop whatever it was that made their world so.  Read more »

Avatar Press – George R.R. Martin – In the House of the Worm – Issue 1-4

 George RR Martin's House of the Worm
English |CBR| ~ 24 pages |168 MB

          In a crumbling underground city on a dying planet, young Annelyn has lived a life of privilege. When he is humilated at the hands of the crafty groun hunter they call the Meatbringer, he and his high-born friends plot revenge. But Annelyn’s plan goes desperately awry, leading him deep into the city’s ruins–and to the ugly truth about his forebears’ reverence for the mythic White Worm…

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