Rip Off Press Comic Collection – Volume 2

English |CBR| ~24-48 pages |736 MB

         Rip Off Press, Inc. began as a seminal publishing company that specialized in adult-themed comic books and graphic novels. The company was one of the first to produce what became known as underground comix.

Underground Classics #1,5,7,12
Little Greta Garbage #1-2
Jesus Meets Armed Services #2
Miami Mice #1-4
Zippy Stories #1-2
Great Diggs #2
Greatest Didds Of All Time
Great Diggs Of 77
The Cartoon History Of The Universe #2,4,6,8
Wimmens’ Comix
Mother’s Oats Comix #1-3
New Adventures Of Jesus #3
Motor City Comics  #1-2,4
Jesus Comics
Thoroughly Ripped with the Freak Brothers
God Nose Snot Reel
Skull Comics
Happy Endings Comics
Griffith Observatory #1
Hydrogen Bomb
Whole Forty Year Old Hippie Catalog
Hydrogen Bomb And Biochemical Warfare Funnies #1
Up From the Deep #1


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