Rip Off Press Comic Collection – Volume 1

English |CBR| ~24-48 pages |811 MB

        Rip Off Press, Inc. began as a seminal publishing company that specialized in adult-themed comic books and graphic novels. The company was one of the first to produce what became known as underground comix.

Amazon Comics
April Horrors
Armadillo Comics
Balloon Vendor
Best of The Rip Off Press
Big Ass Comics (Robert Crumb) #1-2
Bob’s Favorite Comics
Cartoon History of the Universe #1-9
Complete Cheech Wizard #1-4
Cover-Up Lowdown
Doll #1-8
Dorman’s Doggie
E. Z. Wolf
Facts O’ Life Sex Education Funnies
Fantagor (Rip Off Press, 1 3 4 -see last gasp, 5-see fantagor press)
Fat Freddys Comics & Stories (Gilbert Shelton & Dave Sheridan) #1-2
Feelgood Funnies #1-2
Fire Sale
Flamed Out Funnies #1-2
Forty Year Old Hippie
Further Adventures Of Those Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers


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