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 Kiss Comics
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          Comic books have been an integral and popular part of the American rock group Kiss’ merchandising since 1977, beginning with their appearance in Marvel Comics’ Howard the Duck #12. Over their career of nearly four decades, Kiss has licensed their name to “more than 3,000 product(s)… to become nearly a one-billion-dollar brand.” Licensed Kiss stories and adventures have been published by Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Platinum Studios, Archie Comics, and IDW Publishing; unlicensed stories have been published by Revolutionary Comics, among others. Ironically, according to frontman Gene Simmons, all the band members save himself "hate comic books."

1998 Wizard Special Suppliment – You Wanted The Best
Hard Rock Comics 005 [KISS]
KISS 001 (Personality Comics)
Kiss Classics – Collectors Edition
Kissnation (Marvel)
KISS  #1-10
Bootleg :
Casanova vs Starchild.
Constantine vs Celestial
Minamoto vs Chikara
Shaka vs Demon

KISS 4K KISSmas Special (2007) (Platinum Studios)
KISS 4K KISSmas Special (2008) (web-edition)

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