Dark Horse – Motorhead Comics


English | CBR| ~30 pages |154 MB

The continuing adventures of Motorhead from Steel Harbor. Motorhead has another psyche and powers locked into mind.

Issue #1 Hunting Party

Issue #2 Gearworks

Issue #3 Military Discipline

Issue #4 Heartbeat in the Brain

Issue #5 Blood & Consciousness

Issue #6 Side-Show Mentality

Motorhead 02 (coyote-Ubisoft) 00Motorhead 03 (Coyote-Ubisoft)00Motorhead 04 (Coyote-Ubisoft) 00Motorhead 05 (Coyote-Ubisoft 00Motorhead 06 (Coyote-Ubisoft) 00

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    the link is saying 404, can you plaese reupload? thank you :)

  2. LB

    ii am sorry, but the link say page not found when i click, can it be reupload please? thank you :)

  3. theblackhatclub

    Any chance for a re-up?

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