Michael Moorcock Comic Collection

 Michael Moorcock Comics
 English | CBR,CBZ| ~26 pages |897 MB

         Michael John Moorcock  is an English writer, primarily of science fiction and fantasy, who has also published literary novels.

Conan the Barbarian #14-15
Elric of Melnibone #1-6
Elric. Stormbringer #1-7
Elric. The Bane of the Black Sword #1-6
Elric. The Making of a Sorcerer #1-4
Elric. The Sailor on the Seas of Fate #1-7
Elric. The Vanishing Tower #1-6
Elric. Weird of the White Wolf #1-5
Multiverse #1-12
The Chronicles of Corum #1-12
The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell #31-32
Tom Strong
Elric (OTHERS):
Elric (Heavy Metal Vol.3 #05)
Elric (Windy City)
Elric. One Life
Elric. The Dreaming City
Elric. The Prisoner of Pan-Tang (StarReach #06)


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