Marvel Comics – What If – Vol.3

     What If - Aunt May - cover
  English |CBR| ~28 pages |166 MB

         The narrative thread of each series is based on an alternative situation to the one established in the mainstream continuity. The characters and events in each series are treated as being independent from the mainstream continuity of the Marvel Universe.

What If Aunt May Had Died Instead Of Uncle Ben
What If Wolverine Was Public Enemy Number One
What If The Fantastic Four Were Cosmonauts
What If Dr Doom Had Become The Thing
What If Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers
What If General Ross Had Become The Hulk
What If Captain America Fought in the Civil War
What If Magneto Had Formed The X-Men With Professor X
What If Thor was the Herald of Galactus
What if Daredevil the Devil Who Dares
What If Karen Page Had Lived
What If Sub-Mariner Grew Up On Land
What If Spider-Man – The Other (2006)

What If - Aunt May

Download Marvel Comics – What If – Vol.3

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  1. Vinodh

    Thanks for this cool post! Could you also post the more recent Volumes of What if? According to Wikipedia, it goes up to Volume 11!

  2. Alberto

    Hi! Thanks for the upload but it says the list includes What if Spider-Man The Other and it’s not in the zip file!

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