Marvel Comics – Thunderbolts – Volume 2

 Thunderbolts #107
English |CBR| ~24 pages |989 MB

          The Thunderbolts are a Marvel Comics superhero team, which consists mostly of reformed supervillains. The group first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #449 (January 1997), and was created by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley.

Ongoing :
Thunderbolts (1997-2011) #71-135

Thunderbolts #107 page 08

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  1. Savo

    Three time I’m try to get the vol 2 and three time this stop to 30 or 40 minute to the end.

    I don’t undertsand, the other volume I get from here download perfectly.

    But this particular volume, don’t work.

    Can you check to see if they have a problem.

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