Marvel Comics – Marvel Noir vol. 1


    English |CBR| ~25 pages |336 MB

      Marvel Noir is a 2009-2010 Marvel Comics alternative continuity combining elements of film noir and pulp fiction with the Marvel Universe. The central premise of the mini-series replaces super powers with driven, noir-flavored characterization.


X-men Noir
X-men Noir (4/4)
X-men Noir – Mark of Cain (4/4)
Spiderman Noir
Spiderman Noir (4/4)
Spider-Man Noir – Eyes Without a Face (4/4)
Wolverine Noir (4/4)
Daredevill Noir (4/4)

DDNoir01-001    smnoir 001    Wolverine_Noir_#001_000a

X-Men_Noir_-_MoC_#001_013        smnoir 007


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