Marvel Comics – Howard the Duck Comic Collection

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     Howard the Duck is a comic book character in the Marvel Comics universe created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik. The character first appeared in Adventure into Fear #19 (Dec. 1973) and several subsequent series have chronicled the misadventures of the ill-tempered, anthropomorphic, "funny animal" trapped on human-dominated Earth. Howard’s adventures are generally social satires, while a few are parodies of genre fiction with a metafictional awareness of the medium.

Howard the Duck Magazine [1979-1981] #1-9
Howard the Duck MAX (2002) #1-6
Howard the Duck v1 [1975-1986] #1-33
Howard the Duck Annual – Thief of Bagmom!
Howard the Duck Holiday Special – Wreck the Malls with Hydra’s Folly!
Howard the Duck Treasury Edition

Howard the Duck – The Movie #01-#03 [1986-1987] #1-3
Howard The Duck (2008) #1-4

Howard The Duck

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