Marvel Comics – ALF – Issue 35-50 (include Special)

    ALF 35-0001
   English |CBR| ~36 pages |737 MB

         An ALF comic book was published by Marvel Comics beginning in 1987 and ran for four years, totaling 50 issues and several specials. For virtually the entire series’ run, the creative team was Michael Gallagher (script) and Dave Manak & Marie Severin (art).

ALF Annual 01
ALF Annual 02
ALF Annual 03
ALF Comics Magazine 01
ALF Comics Magazine 02
ALF Holiday Special 01
ALF Holiday Special 02
ALF Spring Special 01
Marvel Comics Presents ALF

ALF 35-0005    ALF 35-0006

Download Marvel Comics – ALF – Issue 35-50 (include Special)

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