Madman Comics – Issue 1-10

Madman Comics (Wezz-DCP) 01-00

English | CBR| ~31 pages |165 MB

Madman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero that appears in comic books published by Image Comics. Created by Mike Allred, the character first appeared in Creatures of the Id (October 1990). His name, a combination of Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein, is also a reference to Frankenstein.

Madman Comics #06-00a-CoverMadman Comics (Wezz-DCP) 02-00Madman Comics (Wezz-DCP) 03-00Madman Comics (Wezz-DCP) 04-00Madman Comics (Wezz-DCP) 05-00Madman Comics 08_00cover (Avenant)Madman Comics 09 (1995) 00coverMadman Comics 10 (1996) 00coverMadman07cover

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