Image Comics – Rocketo – Volume 1-2

 Rocketo  - Journey to the Hidden Sea
English |CBR| ~260 pages |568 MB

          Rocketo was a comic book series by Frank Espinosa. Initially published by Speakeasy Comics, in 2006 Rocketo moved to Image Comics. Rocketo follows the life and adventures of Rocketo Garrison, world-famous explorer and mapmaker. Set 2,000 years into a mythical future, the world as we know it has been destroyed in a catastrophe and its magnetic field distorted. The only way for mankind to now navigate through the broken land masses is by the unique abilities of the Mappers, a genetically engineered group of men and women who act as human compasses.


  • Book 1 – "Journey to the Hidden Sea"
  • Book 2 – "Journey to the New World"
  • Rocketo Journey to the Hidden Sea

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