Image Comics – Carbon Grey Comic Collection

 Carbon Grey - Mothers of the Revolution
English |CBR| ~24-110 pages |687 MB

         Carbon Grey is a comic book mini-series created by artist Hoang Nguyen (Punisher: War Zone, Alien Legion), and published by Image Comics. Set against the backdrop of a great war the series follows twin sisters Mathilde and Giselle Grey, members of a noble family dedicated to protecting the Kaiser of Mitteleuropa, as they struggle to reconcile duty with their own beliefs and ambitions. When the Kaiser is killed a vast conspiracy is uncovered, centered on a prophecy made long ago by Gottfaust, father to the Greys and hero of Mitteleuropa, that the 13th sister – the Carbon Grey – will one day spark a revolution.

Carbon Grey – Origins #1-2
Carbon Grey vol.1 #1-3
Carbon Grey vol.2 #01-03 – Daughters of Stone
Carbon Grey vol.3 #01-02 – Mothers of the Revolution
The Art of Carbon Grey

Carbon Grey - Mothers of the Revolution Free Cbr

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