Image Comics – Backlash – Issue 1-30

English | CBR| ~24 pages |538 MB

             Backlash is a fictional character from the Wildstorm universe that first appeared in StormWatch #3 in 1993 and was featured in his own comic book series, which ran from 1994 to 1997. His daughter Jodi has adopted the name. Since Worldstorm event that has transpired in the Wildstorm Universe it has been stated that the character will be returning to the printed page.

Backlash_01_09     Backlash_01_10

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  1. Jack

    Dear Sir,

    I tried to download backlash form uploaded but showws file not found,
    I’ve longed for this series, could you fix it.

  2. Jack

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks !

    It’s it possible to find other image superhero comics of the same age here, say for example WildC.A.T.S. , Gen 13, Wetworks, Team 7….

    It seems it’s difficult to find them anywhere ?

    Thanks !

  3. DevilD0G

    Its down again.

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