IDW Publishing Comic Collection – Volume 2

 IDW - Dead She Said
English |CBR,CBZ| ~24 pages | 935 MB

         IDW Publishing is a American publisher of art books, comic books and comic strip collections. The company was founded as the publishing division of Idea and Design Works, LLC (IDW) and, by 2010, was the fifth-largest publisher of American comic books.

Dampyr #1-4
Dark Days #1-6
Dead, She Said #1-3 
Desperadoes – Banners of Gold #1-5
Doomed #1-4
Dracula’s Revenge #1-2 
Easy Way #1-4
Epilogue #1-3
Fallen Angel (ongoing) #1-30
FX #1-6
George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead #1-3
George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead #1-5

Dead She Said

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