.cbr, .cbz, is  a comic book archive or comic book reader file is a type of archive file for the purpose of sequential viewing of images, especially comic books.

Comic book archive viewers typically offer various dedicated functions to read the content, like one page forward/backwards, go to first/last page, zoom or print.

How to open .cbr , .cbz?

For Windows

CDisplay (recommended)



STDU Viewer

For Mac


Simple Comic

For Linux






For iOS


For Android

Perfect Viewer


A Comic Viewer


androbook comic


How to openPDF?

For Windows

Foxit Reader (recommended)

Adobe Reader


STDU Viewer


For Mac

Adobe Reader



Docudesk PDF Reader

For Linux

Adobe Reader



For iOs

PDF Comrade


PDF Reader Pro

Good Reader

For Android

Adobe Reader

PDF Reader

APV PDF Viewer

Qoppa PDF Reader

BeamReader PDF Viewer

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  1. Pablo López

    For Windows Phone there is an awesome comic reader: Comic Time.

    It detects panels of each comic page and provides a “panel by panel” navigation that make you really enjoy the experience.

    This is the only app that really let you enjoy a comic in the smart phone.

  2. pablo

    this is one f the greatest page i see of comics!! thanks for all!!!!!!! and if someone can upload THE FANTSTIC FOUR V1 , will be great!

  3. HammerxBros

    Hey, can anyone upload X-Force Volume 1?

  4. Maxxy

    This website is incredible… Beautiful work…

  5. fafafaloozy

    Looking for Masterpiece Comics…any chance you have it? Thanks in advance!

  6. Natalia

    Hey, guys!

    I appreciate ALL your work! Thank you! But is there any chance for the comics to be uploaded on a different site? Instead of you could upload it on Uploaded is good, too, but it limits us to download only one per hour.

  7. Justin

    Hey, guys! Please add icecream ebook reader to the help page. cbr/cbz/pdf reader for win. Thank you!

  8. zaxiez

    where is the download button?

  9. Leon Yelar


    Any chance of an IDW GI Joe section?


  10. Johnny Do
    This is down, I was hoping you could reupload
    I’m mostly interested in Mr, Hero The Newmatic Man #1-17

  11. Ian Sanders

    Wildstorm Productions Comic Collection – Volume 1 no longer available?

  12. MilosD

    What about the strain trilogy, file not found?

  13. Alex Fleming

    Can you get the issues of the SpyBoy *series* (i.e., not the TPBs) plus the “specials” like MANGA Affair, Final Exam, etc? Dark Horse, 1999-2001.


  14. danny

    please upload old valiant titles. like solar, x-o manowar, or magnus robot fighter.

    i gave you good reviews on this site.

  15. styx

    Can you repost Topps comics? off It
    and some of the others comics have a page not found on the file downloading part.

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