Futurama Comics – Issue 59-66 ( Includes Special Issues! )


English | CBR| ~27 pages |226 MB

When Mayor Poopenmeyer’s reputation is tainted by corruption charges, Bender steps in and rehabilitates his image; but give the bending unit a little power and pretty soon New New York City is seceding from the planet. Then, frustrated by the high cost of eggs, Leela steals a few from some nearby owl nests, only to find herself and Planet Express at the mercy of some very angry birds!…

07Futurama - Simpsons Crossover Crisis 02 - 00 Front CoverFuturama 066_001_FCSimpsons - Futurama - Crossover Crisis II 01 - Slaves Of New New York -  00 - FCSimpsons - Futurama - Crossover Crisis II 02 - The Read Menace - 00 - FC

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