Futurama Comics– Issue 1-10

Futurama Comics 01 - 00 - FC - Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom

English | CBR| ~27 pages | 55 MB

Futurama Comics is a comic book series published by Bongo Comics and based on the television series Futurama. It has been published bi-monthly in the United States since November 2000.
Each issue consists of at least one story of around 27 pages (occasionally brief stories also appear), and a letters and fanart page. There are also full-page mock advertisements marketing futuristic products (such as Brain Slugs), which parody the kinds of coupon offers found in other comic books.

0000Front CoverFCFrontFront4Front5Futurama Comics 06 - 00 - FC - Xmas Time is FearFuturama Comics 07 - 00 - FC - New Year's Rockin' EvilFuturama Comics 08 - 00 - FC - Planet X-press Men


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