Devil’s Due Publishing – Hack/Slash Comic Collection

English |CBR| ~26 pages |444 MB

         Hack/Slash is an ongoing comic book series, launched from several one shots of the same name, published by Image Comics (previously by Devil’s Due Publishing). The focus of the series is on a horror victim, Cassie, who strikes back at the monsters, known as "slashers", with Vlad, a disfigured "gentle giant" who frequently wears a gas mask.

Hack-Slash – Comic Book Carnage
Hack-Slash – Euthanized
Hack-Slash – Girls Gone Dead
Hack-Slash – Land of Lost Toys #01-03
Hack-Slash – Murder Suicide
Hack-Slash – Slice Hard
Hack-Slash – Slice Hard Pre-Sliced 25-Cent Special
Hack-Slash – Spin Psycho
Hack-Slash – The Final Revenge of Evil Ernie
Hack-Slash – The Series #01-12
Hack-Slash – Trailers
Hack-Slash – vs Chucky
Hack-Slash – vs Evil Ernie (From Lady Death fame)


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