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 Deadline  (October 1998)
English |CBR| ~70 pages |506 MB

          Deadline was a British comic magazine published between 1988 and 1995. Created by 2000 AD stalwarts Brett Ewins and Steve Dillon, Deadline featured a mix of comic strips and written articles aimed at older readers. Although similar to the likes of Crisis, Revolver and Toxic! which emerged during the magazine’s heyday, Deadline alone managed to sustain its impact beyond the first few issues and had a cultural influence beyond the comics world. Deadline was published by Deadline Publications Ltd.

Deadline #1-6
Deadline #10 (1989)
Deadline #10 (1989) re-edit
Deadline #11 (1989)
Deadline #16 (1990 March) [incomplete – pgs 33-36 missing]
Deadline #17 (1990 April) (UK)
Deadline #21 (1990 August) (UK)
Deadline #24 (1990)
Deadline #28 (1991)
Deadline #60i (1994) (The Great Plan Only)

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