DC Comics – The New 52! – Sword of Sorcery – Issue 0-8

        English | CBR| 32 pages | 423 MB

        The series was relaunched with issue #0 in September 2012 (cover dated November 2012, as part of DC’s New 52 line.This series is written by Christy Marx with art by Aaron Lopresti and follows the adventures of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. A backup story written by Tony Bedard and drawn by Jesus Saiz tells the story of Beowulf. DC has announced the cancellation of the new series as of the issue shipping in May 2013.

SOS--006     SOS--008

Download DC Comics – The New 52! – Sword of Sorcery – Issue 0-8

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  1. Timothy Wallace

    Hello, my name is Timothy Wallace. I recently downloaded DC Comics The New 52 Sword of Sorcery issues 0-8. I had no problem with the download, but when I tried to unzip the file all I got was that the file was invalid, twice. So, is there a problem with that file or not. Please let me know at wllccm25@wmconnect.com . Thank You.

  2. Timothy Wallace

    Thanks for the link. :)

  3. Kie

    File Missing. Both of them!

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