DC Comics – The New 52! – Dial H – Issue 0-15

English |CBR| ~22 pages |566 MB

         Dial H for Hero is a comic book feature published by DC Comics about a mysterious dial that enables an ordinary person to become a superhero for a short time. The dial causes its possessor to become a new superhero with a different name, costume and powers each time it is used.

In 2012, DC began publishing a reboot of the series titled Dial H, written by China Miéville with art by Mateus Santolouco. The series focuses on Nelson Jent, an out-of-shape, unemployed young man who accesses superpowers by dialing seemingly random numbers in an old phone booth…


dial-h-000-07      dial-h-000-08

DC Comics – The New 52! – Dial H – Issue 0-15

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  1. Kie

    Will you upload the final issue of this at some point?

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