DC Comics – Batman Beyond

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English | CBR,CBZ| ~28 pages | 887 MB

           The Batman Beyond concept, based on the television series of the same name, has appeared in various DC Comics publications. It can typically be split into four volumes which follow on from each other, the first volume using the six-issue miniseries from 1999, the second being the 1999-2001 24 issue series, the third being the 2010 "Hush" arc, and the fourth being the 2011 eight-issue series. There is currently a new series titled Batman Beyond Unlimited, which becomes the fifth series.

Batman Beyond V1 #1-6
Batman Beyond V2 #1-24
Batman Beyond V3 #1-6 (Return of the Joker)
Batman Beyond V4 #1-8
Batman Beyond V5 #1-18

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