Dark Horse Comics – Zombie World Comic Collection

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English | CBR| ~24 pages |73 MB

    A small-town museum is plagued by odd disturbances and missing persons – gifts from the new kid in town, Azzul Gotha, the 42,000-year-old Hyperborean mummy that just checked in. It’s all-out zombie mayhem, complete with human sacrifice, a cemetery showdown, and the end of civilization. Written by Pat Mills, Mike Mignola, Kelley Jones and Stephen Blue and illustrated by J. Deadstock and Patrick McEown.

Zombie World – Champion of the Worms (Dark Horse)
Zombie World – Dead End (Dark Horse)
Zombie World – Eat Your Heart Out (Dark Horse)
Zombie World – Home for the Holidays (Dark Horse)
Zombie World – Tree of Death (Dark Horse)
Zombie World – Winter’s Dregs (Dark Horse)

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