Dark Horse Comics – Serenity Comic Collection

English | CBR,CBZ| ~30 pages |175 MB

           Several comic book stories have been released under the Serenity title, set in the fictional universe created for Joss Whedon’s Firefly television series and Serenity film. As of 2012, seven stories have been released: two three-issue miniseries, two one-shot comics (one as a standard comic book, the other as a hardcover graphic novel), and three short stories.

Serenity – Better Days #1-3
Serenity – Those Left Behind #1-3
Serenity – Firefly Class 03-K64
Serenity – Float Out
Serenity – The Other Half
Serenity – The Shepherd’s Tale
Serenity – Downtime

seren_009    seren_010

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