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David Mack – Dream Logic

 Dream Logic
English |CBR| ~235 pages |354 MB

              Collecting the entire Marvel Comics series of Dream Logic by David Mack, this hardcover includes original new stories as well as a gallery of art work, sketchbook, step by step art process with commentary on Mack’s cover work, Kabuki, and never before seen extras. Also included are the art and making of from Mack’s acclaimed tarot card set as well as Mack’s figure drawings that were exhibited with the works of Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele in Los Angeles and Chicago exhibits.

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Sam Glanzman – A Sailor’s Story

 A Sailor's Story
English |CBR| ~176 pages |320 MB

         Legendary comic book artist Sam Glanzman draws upon his experiences aboard a WWII destroyer in these gripping tales of Navy life. Recounted in graphic novel style, these dramatic adventures realistically depict a teenager’s military career, from initiation and advancement through the ranks to tours of the Pacific and kamikaze attacks at the Battle of Okinawa. Includes a new 10-page story, Introduction by World War Z author Max Brooks, and more exclusive material. Contains adult material.

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BOOM! Studios – Jim Henson’s The Storyteller

StorytellerEnglish |CBR| ~118 pages |202MB

             Archaia Comics released a 120-page hardcover anthology graphic novel based on Jim Henson’s The Storyteller on December 6, 2011. According to Archaia Comic’s Editor in Chief, Stephen Christy, there are three unused teleplays written by Anthony Minghella for the original series. Archaia took one of these unproduced scripts, "The Witch Baby", and adapted it in comic book format.

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Double Take – Soul – Issue 1-4

 Soul Comics
English | CBR,CBZ| ~108 pages |427 MB

          These books will be the first comics printed by the new comic publisher Double Take, which is a branch of Take Two, the video game publisher. The comic book studio is currently being run by former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas, who helped launch the Ultimate Universe for Marvel Comics in the early 2000s.

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Double Take – Spring – Volume 1-4

 Spring Comics
English | CBR,CBZ| ~158 pages |719 MB

           Spring is a weird comic book. There’s no narrative per se, but rather two people telling a story while the radio plays. On the radio is a bit of news tying in the book to the rest of the line and of course some music. There’s not much going on in the comic itself, but it held my interest. Not because I wanted to see where these two stories being told to us ended, but because of what’s happening in the background… people are disappearing under the water..

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Humanoids Publishing – Lou Cale – Volume 1-5

 Lou Cale - The Broken Doll v1
English |CBR| ~52 pages |434 MB

             This pulpy crime saga follows photojournalist Lou Cale from the Big Apple’s roughest haunts to the plains of rural America. 1940s’ New York. Flashes go off around the city as bodies pile up and local papers battle to feed the public’s demand for sensationalism. The one and only Lou Cale is one of these notorious shutterbugs, but Lou also keeps his ear to the ground, often picking up on crime scene details that go unseen by the authorities, and which lead him into his own dogged investigations. From mysterious suicides, scalped corpses and stolen Oriental treasures, to racist hangings and mob assassinations, tough nut Lou fights his way through a bevy of beauties and a whole bunch of crooks, to get to the truth.

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Aw Yeah Comics ! – Issue 1-13 (include Action Cat & Adventure Bug)

 Aw Yeah
English |CBR| ~ 32 pages |636 MB

       Fresh from the creative minds at Aw Yeah Comics -a brand-new series starring the valiant Action Cat and his trusty sidekick, Adventure Bug! As Evil Cat lurks behind the scenes, our heroes endeavor to bring comics to the good people of Beautiful Downtown Skokie. You better believe high jinks will ensue!

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AAM-Markosia – The Lexian Chronicles

 The Lexian Chronicles
English |CBR| ~ 295 pages |626 MB

          Reena has few friends and finds it difficult to interact with her peers. As she struggles with her problems her father, Koss, relives the brutal past that resulted in the death of Reena’s mother. The resultant fury that Koss vents changes the balance of power and forges a powerful alliance. Reena’s destiny will determine the fate of her people.

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American Comics Group – Adventures Into the Unknown – Volume 1

 Adventures into the Unknown Archives
English |CBR| ~ 222 pages |401 MB

           Adventures Into the Unknown was an American comic-book magazines series best known as the medium’s first ongoing horror-comics title.

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