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A Nightmare on Elm Street – Comic Collection

 A Nightmare on Elm Street
English |CBR,CBZ,PDF| ~24-40 pages |676 MB

             The popularity of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series has led to several comic book series published by Marvel Comics, Innovation Publishing, Trident Comics, Avatar Press and WildStorm Productions.

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Avatar Press – Dicks Comic Collection

 Dicks comic collection
English |CBR| ~24 pages |860 MB

          Dougie and Ivor, the shameless bollocks that claim to be private investigators, are back in action with more outrageous antics that will leave no shame uncovered. This series is made for the smart ass comics reader that can’t get enough bathroom humor and downright offensive hobnobery. We dare you not to take offense as Garth Ennis unleashes a torrent of spiteful and crass obscenities that will tickle your funny bone with a snarky horsec**k and leave you reflecting on what a pair of Dicks these two wankers really are.

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Avatar Press – Extinction Parade – Issue 1-5

 The Extinction Parade
English |CBR| ~36 pages |320 MB

             The best-selling Zombie writer in history finally unleashes an all-new zombies vs. vampires epic for comics! Extinction Parade tells the story of the aristocratic vampire race and how their slow and self centered way of life causes them to miss the extinction of man happening in front of them as the zombie plague wipes out the human race. This is how a species dies.

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Avatar Press – Providence – Issue 1-3

 Providence New Avatar Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |189 MB

          The most important work of 2015 begins here with the long-awaited arrival of Alan Moore’s breathtaking epic PROVIDENCE with his artistic partner Jacen Burrows. In his most carefully considered work in decades, Moore deconstructs all of Lovecraft’s concepts, reinventing the entirety of his work inside a painstakingly researched framework of American history…

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Avatar Press – No Hero – Issue 0-7 (include Sketchbook)

 No Hero Free Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |355 MB

       No Hero takes place in a world where superheroes have existed since the 1960s and came about as a reaction to increasingly violent police reactions to the American counter-culture movement as well as violent street crime. The original heroes of the 1960s called themselves "The Levellers" after the popular movement that came out of the English Civil War. The Levellers eventually evolved into "The Front Line" who derive their superpowers from pills that have side-effects as dangerous as the powers they gain.

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Avatar Press – Caligula Comic Collection

English |CBR,CBZ| ~24 pages |487 MB

        In an age of depravity, one man’s appetites horrified the entire Roman Empire. The very Empire he ruled. Some stories are passed from one generation to the next only in secret. Told in hushed whispers as the very words are too horrific to speak aloud for fear they offend the Gods. A Roman Empire built on the blood of its people, a ruler who began as a generous man but who ended as the most debased of monarchs…

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Avatar Press – Supergod – Issue 1-5

Supergod Avatar Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |231 MB

          Supergod is the story of what an actual superhuman arms race might be like. It’s a simple thing to imagine. Humans have been fashioning their own gods with their own hands since the dawn of our time on Earth. We can’t help ourselves. Fertility figures brazen idols, vast chalk etchings, carvings, myths and legends, science fiction writers generating science fiction religions from whole cloth. It’s not such a great leap to conceive of the builders of nuclear weapons and particle accelerators turning their attention to the oldest of human pursuits. Dress it up as superhuman defense, as discovering the limits of the human body, as transhumanism and posthumanism.

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Avatar Press – Ignition City – Issue 1-5

 Ignition City
English |CBR| ~24 pages |211 MB

        Ignition City is a five-issue science fiction comic book limited series, written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Gianluca Pagliarani. Ignition City is set in an atompunk/dieselpunk alternate history in the year 1956; in this timeline, World War II was interrupted by a Martian invasion. As a result, space travel became commonplace. Ignition City itself is a circular island spaceport, the interior of which is populated by former spacemen. The story follows Mary Raven, a young woman who travels to Ignition City after her father, a formerly famous spaceman named Rock Raven, is killed there.

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Avatar Press – War Stories – Issue 1-7

 War Stories Comic
English |CBR| ~24 pages |272 MB

        Pulling tales from real conflicts throughout modern history, this series is where a master storyteller brings the horrors of war to life in comics. Ennis travels the timeline to pull some of the most harrowing tales of valor and bloodshed from history’s most violent battles with his trademark wit and spot-on dialogue to show the humanity within the inhuman horrors. The first story is Castles in the Sky, a tale of early bomber pilots and their incredibly difficult missions..

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