Boom! Studios – Higher Earth – Issue 1-8

  English |CBR| ~32 pages |202 MB

       Higher Earth is a science fiction comic book published by Boom! Studios. It is written by Sam Humphries, an established writer for Marvel whose previous work has included co-writing Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates. The story is set in a multiverse where many parallel Earths exist, one of which is Higher Earth: a world that has conquered 99 other Earths from alternative timelines.

      It is a follow on from Humphries’s 2011 comic series, Our Love is real. The story revolves around a girl named Heidi and a rogue soldier called Rex. Rex is present from the opening scene where he is falling from the sky onto an alternative Earth which has been designated a "junk" world. He is introduced as being committed to a quest of vengeance against an unspecified opponent. Heidi is introduced as a tough young woman who so far has only known the "junk" Earth, where garbage is continually falling out of the sky.

HE-01-11    HE-01-23

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