Benoît Sokal – Inspector Canardo – Issue 0-13

 Inspector Canardo Comics
English |CBR| ~52 pages |781 MB

          Inspector Canardo is a comics series created by the Belgian artist Benoît Sokal. He was named after the French noun canard, which means “duck” or “drake”. The eponymous character and the protagonist of the series, Canardo is an anthropomorphic duck who has a career as a private investigator. While he is seldom seen on paid assignments, he tends to end up in dangerous situations everywhere. He is also often used as a pawn in bigger schemes because of his expendability. He suffers from severe personal problems, including vast consumption of beer to forget the unfortunate events he has gone through. While Canardo is quite skilled both in armed and unarmed combat, he is more of an everyman than a traditional hero…

Download Comics Benoît Sokal - Inspector Canardo

Download Benoît Sokal – Inspector Canardo – Issue 0-13 

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