Avatar Press – Dicks Comic Collection

 Dicks comic collection
English |CBR| ~24 pages |860 MB

          Dougie and Ivor, the shameless bollocks that claim to be private investigators, are back in action with more outrageous antics that will leave no shame uncovered. This series is made for the smart ass comics reader that can’t get enough bathroom humor and downright offensive hobnobery. We dare you not to take offense as Garth Ennis unleashes a torrent of spiteful and crass obscenities that will tickle your funny bone with a snarky horsec**k and leave you reflecting on what a pair of Dicks these two wankers really are.

Bigger Dicks – TPB
Dicks – To The End of Time, Like #1-6
Dicks – Winter Fun Special
Dicks – X-Mas Special
Dicks #1-10
Dicks 2 –#1-4

Dicks End of Time

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