Avatar Press – Über – Issue 0-13 (include Special)

English |CBR| ~32-52 pages |792 MB

           Über is an Anglo-American comic book series written by British author Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Canaan White, Gabriel Andrade and Daniel Gete.The comic depicts an alternate World War II in which the Third Reich develops powerful superhuman soldiers in 1945, preventing its imminent defeat and forcing the Allied nations to counter with superhumans of their own. The series is notable for its extreme violence, its depiction of wartime moral ambiguity, and the major roles it gives to historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Alan Turing and Heinz Guderian.

Über #0-13
Uber Sieglinde #00.5
Uber Special #01
Uber – FCBD Edition 2014

Uber #0

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