Avatar Press – Avengelyne Comic Collection

Avengelyne - Bad Blood 01 - 00 FCa
English | CBR| ~28 pages |341 MB

            Avengelyne is a fictional comic book character co-created by Rob Liefeld and Cathy Christian, and originally published in 1995 by Maximum Press and inspired from Ben Dunn’s comic Warrior Nun Areala from Antartic Press. Avengelyne is an angel who fights the forces of evil and often finds herself face-to-face with demons, monsters, and the like. The original character design for Avengelyne was based on the likeness of former Vampirella model Cathy Christian.

Avengelyne – Bad Blood (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Dark Depths (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Deadly Sins (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Dragon Realm (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Glory – Godyssey (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Pandora – Preview (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Pandora (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Revelation (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Revelation Prelude (Avatar)
Avengelyne – Swimsuit Issue (Avatar)
Avengelyne & Demonslayer (Avatar)
Avengelyne & Prophet (Avatar)
Avengelyne & Seraphicide (Avatar)
Avengelyne & Shi (Avatar)
Avengelyne Convention Special (Avatar)
Avengelyne Revelation (Avatar)

Avengelyne - Bad Blood 01 - 05     Avengelyne - Bad Blood 01 - 06

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