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Aw Yeah Comics ! – Issue 1-13 (include Action Cat & Adventure Bug)

 Aw Yeah
English |CBR| ~ 32 pages |636 MB

       Fresh from the creative minds at Aw Yeah Comics -a brand-new series starring the valiant Action Cat and his trusty sidekick, Adventure Bug! As Evil Cat lurks behind the scenes, our heroes endeavor to bring comics to the good people of Beautiful Downtown Skokie. You better believe high jinks will ensue!

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AAM-Markosia – The Lexian Chronicles

 The Lexian Chronicles
English |CBR| ~ 295 pages |626 MB

          Reena has few friends and finds it difficult to interact with her peers. As she struggles with her problems her father, Koss, relives the brutal past that resulted in the death of Reena’s mother. The resultant fury that Koss vents changes the balance of power and forges a powerful alliance. Reena’s destiny will determine the fate of her people.

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American Comics Group – Adventures Into the Unknown – Volume 1

 Adventures into the Unknown Archives
English |CBR| ~ 222 pages |401 MB

           Adventures Into the Unknown was an American comic-book magazines series best known as the medium’s first ongoing horror-comics title.

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Dark Horse Comics – Brody’s Ghost

 Brody's Ghost Book 1-001
English |CBR| ~ 90 pages |514 MB

     A young man who has given up on making any real effort in life, since being dumped by his girlfriend, Nicole. Brody is mostly a mellow guy, but he sometimes has a problem with his temper. One day he meets a ghost named Talia, who wants his help finding and apprehending a serial killer known as the Penny Murderer..

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Dark Horse Comics – Catalyst Comix – Issue 1-9

 Catalyst Comix Dark Horse
English |CBR| ~36 pages |606 MB

       Superstar writer Joe Casey – along with the widest array of artistic talent this side of the Renaissance – gives superhero comics a back-alley face-lift, as these very different champions confront cosmic threats, personal demons, superheroes’ role as global activists, an alien love invasion, and the strangest virtual reality you’ve ever experienced – but not before they face the end of the world as we know it!

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Grant Morrison’s – 18 Days – Issue 1-11 (include Scriptbook)

 Grant-Morrison's 18 Days
English |CBR| ~28 pages |774 MB

            From superstar creator Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Batman & Robin, The Invisibles), comes 18 Days, the story of three generations of super-warriors, meeting for the final battle of their age. 18 Days is a re-imagining of the great eastern myth, Mahabharata, and follows the course of the climactic war that concludes the age of the gods and begins the age of man. It is the prototype for every war ever fought. The scale is epic, wherein the biggest armies ever conceived face one another across the ultimate battlefield to decide the fate of the future. Read more »

Image Comics – Birthright – Issue 1-11

English |CBR| ~36 pages |589 MB

            Birthright is a 2014 American comic book series written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Andrei Bressan.This monthly comic book series is produced by Image Comics. The story begins when Aaron Rhodes and his son Mikey are seen playing catch while Brennan and his mother Wendy are busy preparing a surprise birthday party. With the sudden disappearance of Mikey in the woods, a case of a missing person was filed. From there, a series of investigations took place wherein Aaron was suspected of killing his own son. This began the problem faced by the family where it led to Wendy filing a divorce. Read more »

Dark Horse Comics – The Complete Major Bummer Super Slacktacular!

 The Complete Major Bummer Super Slacktacular!
English |CBR| ~382 pages |680 MB

          Lou Martin’s just gained incredible superpowers! Too bad all he wants to do is stay firmly planted on the couch. But an alien got Lewis Martin, slacker extraordinaire, and Martin Lewis, promising young lawyer, confused and sent an Extreme Enhancement Module to the wrong guy, and now Lou’s got superheroes trying to get him to . . . ugh . . . contribute to society–and outlandish supervillains, monsters, and aliens are out to take him down!

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