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Image Comics – Drumhellar – Issue 1-10

English |CBR| ~32 pages |422 MB

          When shock-induced visions drive a detective specializing in the paranormal to a small town in South Dakota, he finds himself up against a flesh-hungry bog-man, their mutual ex-girlfriend (did we mention she’s a werewolf?), and a demon that’s stolen his arsenal of psychedelics. Then things start to get weird. We live in strange times. They call for strange way

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DC Comics – The New 52! – Supergirl – Issue 22-40

 Supergirl New Free Download
English | CBR| ~24 pages |775 MB

          Supergirl is the name of six comic book series published by DC Comics, featuring various characters of the same name. DC Comics relaunched Supergirl with issue #1 in September 2011 as part of the The New 52 reboot.

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DC Comics – The New 52! – Earth 2 – Issue 28-32

 Earth 2 New 52
English |CBR| ~24 pages |196 MB

        Earth-Two is a fictional universe appearing in American comic book stories published by DC Comics. The Earth-2 concept has been revived as part of the publisher’s The New 52 event.

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DC Comics – Green Lantern Comic Collection – Volume 8

 Green Lantern Comic
English | CBR,CBZ| ~24-36 pages |959 MB

           The Green Lantern Corps is the name of a fictional intergalactic military/police force appearing in comics published by DC Comics, derived from the emotional spectrum.

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Marvel Comics – Conan Comic Collection – Volume 2

 Conan - The Barbarian
English | CBR,CBZ| ~24 pages |1001 MB

         Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard was first adapted into comics in 1952 in Mexico. Marvel Comics began publishing Conan comics with the series Conan the Barbarian in 1970. Since 2003, Conan has been published by Dark Horse Comics.

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Legendary Comics – Annihilator – Issue 1-6

 Annihilator Legendary Comics
English |CBR| ~36 pages |403 MB

         Legendary Comics proudly presents Annihilator, an original graphic novel odyssey from the extraordinary mind of Grant Morrison. This 6-issue series is a subversive sci-fi adventure like no other, brought to life with stunning artwork from Frazer Irving (Judge Dredd, Necronauts).

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BOOM! Box – Lumberjanes – Issue 1-9

 Lumberjanes Boom Box Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |424 MB

           Lumberjanes is a comic book series created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson and published via the Boom Box! imprint of Boom! Studios. The story follows a group of girls spending summer at a scout camp, and the strange creatures and supernatural phenomena they encounter there.

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BOOM! Studio – The Traveler – Issue 1-12

 The Traveler Comic
English |CBR| ~24 pages |287 MB

        Stan Lee, the most colossal force in the history of comics, teams up with BOOM! Studios to deliver a brand new line of superhero comics! The great innovator of our industry brings his inimitable talents back to the direct market in an explosive line of comics that nobody is prepared for!

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DC Comics – The New 52! – Action Comics – Issue 22-28 (include Annual 2013-2014)

 New 52 Action Comic
English | CBR| ~28 pages | 610 MB

          Action Comics is an American comic book series that introduced Superman, one of the first major superhero characters as the term is popularly defined.

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