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DC Comics – Batman: Arkham City Comic Collection

  English |CBR| ~22 pages |879 MB

           Batman has been featured in many ongoing series, limited series and graphic novels published by DC Comics.

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Walt Disney’s Comics – The Aristocats – Issue 1-12

English |CBR,CBZ| ~36 pages |134 MB

        The Aristocats is an American animated feature film produced and released by Walt Disney Productions in 1970 and features the voices of Eva Gabor, Hermione Gingold, Phil Harris, Dean Clark, Sterling Holloway and Roddy Maude-Roxby.

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Marvel Comics – Young Avengers (2005-2006) – Issue 1-12

English |CBR| ~24 pages |134 MB

            Young Avengers is an American comic book series originally written by Allan Heinberg and published by Marvel Comics. It follows a group of young superheroes, each of whom patterns themselves after a member of the long-established Marvel superhero team the Avengers.

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DC Comics – Kingdom Come – Issue 0-5

     Kingdom Come 0-000 Introduction
    English |CBR| ~46 pages |115 MB

         Kingdom Come is a comic book mini-series published in 1996 by DC Comics under their Elseworlds imprint. his Elseworlds story is set in a future that deals with a growing conflict between "traditional" superheroes, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League, and a growing population of largely amoral and dangerously irresponsible new vigilantes, in many cases the offspring of the traditional heroes.

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DC Comics – Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight – Issue 1-62

LOTDKTBDI_pg001English |CBR| ~25 pages |843 MB

                Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, commonly referred to as simply Legends of the Dark Knight is a DC comic book featuring Batman. In 2012, DC Comics revived the series as Legends of the Dark Knight, a digital-first weekly series. This time, the stories are self-contained out of continuity single chapters. The first issue "The Butler Did It" by Damon Lindleof and Jeff Lemire debuted in June 2012.

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Vertigo Comics – Greek Street – Issue 1-16

     Greek Street 001 f-cover [2009]
    English |CBR,CBZ| ~32 pages |226 MB

            Greek Street is an American comic book series written by Peter Milligan with art by Davide Gianfelice.It retells and updates Greek myths. The series was canceled with issue 16.

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Marvel Comics – Avengers Academy – Issue 1-27

English |CBR,CBZ| ~32 pages |496 MB

            Avengers Academy is a Marvel Comics comic book series that debuted in June 2010 as part of the "Heroic Age". The series is written by Christos Gage, with artwork by Mike McKone and tells the story of a group of young super-powered persons who were selected to join a training academy for the super-hero team, The Avengers.

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CrossGen Entertainment Comic Collection – Volume 1

   English |CBR,CBZ| ~36 pages |547 MB

            Cross Generation Entertainment, or CrossGen, was an American comic book publisher and entertainment company that operated from 1998 to 2004.
Abadazad (Crossgen) #1-3
Archard’s Agents (Crossgen) v1-3
Brath (Crossgen) #0-14
Chimera (Crossgen) #1-4
Crossgen Chronicles (Crossgen) #1-8…

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Marvel Comics – Avengers:The Initiative (2007-2010) – Issue 1-35 (include Annual)

English |CBR,CBZ| ~26 pages |646 MB

         Avengers: The Initiative was a comic book series from Marvel Comics.  The first issue of Avengers: The Initiative was released on 4 April 2007. The tagline initially used in solicitations was "Marvel’s Army of Super Heroes just became a Super Hero Army".

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