Legendary Comics – The Harvester – Issue 1-6

  The Harvester Action Comic
English |CBR| ~28 pages |313 MB

        Since the dawn of time, mischievous troublemakers have been warned of his wrath, scholars have searched for traces of his existence and evildoers have been tormented by the unstoppable force that goes by a single name: The Harvester…

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Dark Horse Comics – Past Always – Issue 1-5

 Past Aways Sci-Fi Comics
English |CBR| ~28 pages |251 MB

           The series centers around a ground of time travelers that get trapped in the past (which just so happens to be our present) and find themselves unable to die due to the rules of time travel. Fortunately — or unfortunately, depending on your perspective — those rules appear to be changing when objects and creatures from the distant past start mysteriously showing up to accompany them. Is time falling apart entirely?

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Avatar Press – Providence – Issue 1-3

 Providence New Avatar Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |189 MB

          The most important work of 2015 begins here with the long-awaited arrival of Alan Moore’s breathtaking epic PROVIDENCE with his artistic partner Jacen Burrows. In his most carefully considered work in decades, Moore deconstructs all of Lovecraft’s concepts, reinventing the entirety of his work inside a painstakingly researched framework of American history…

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Marvel Comics – Doctor Strange Comic Collection – Volume 2

 Dr Strang Sorcerer
English |CBR| ~24 pages |594 MB

        Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, best known under his alias Doctor Strange, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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DC Comics – The Flash Comic Collection – Volume 7

The Flash Comics
English |CBR,CBZ| ~ 24-54 pages |1017 MB

    The Flash is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Image Comics – Dynamo 5 Comic Collection

 Dynamo 5 Comics
English |CBR| ~28 pages |361 MB

          Dynamo 5 is a fictional comic book superhero team created by writer Jay Faerber and artist Mahmud A. Asrar, which appears in an eponymous series published by Image Comics.

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Avatar Press – No Hero – Issue 0-7 (include Sketchbook)

 No Hero Free Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |355 MB

       No Hero takes place in a world where superheroes have existed since the 1960s and came about as a reaction to increasingly violent police reactions to the American counter-culture movement as well as violent street crime. The original heroes of the 1960s called themselves "The Levellers" after the popular movement that came out of the English Civil War. The Levellers eventually evolved into "The Front Line" who derive their superpowers from pills that have side-effects as dangerous as the powers they gain.

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Vertigo Comics – Mad Max – Fury Road – Issue 1-4

 Mad Max- Fury Road - Nux & Immortan Joe
English |CBR| ~32 pages |199 MB

        From the mind of George Miller, the creator of the Mad Max trilogy, the prelude miniseries to the upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road continues!

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Timely – Atlas Universe Comic Collection – Volume 6

 Battle #066
English |CBR,CBZ| ~24-70 pages |973 MB

            Timely Comics, initially Timely Publications, was the earliest comic book arm of American publisher Martin Goodman, and the entity that would evolve by the 1960s to become Marvel Comics.

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