Timely – Atlas Universe Comic Collection – Volume 21

Comics Jungle TalesEnglish |CBR,CBZ| ~24-70 pages |995 MB

                 Timely Comics, initially Timely Publications, was the earliest comic book arm of American publisher Martin Goodman, and the entity that would evolve by the 1960s to become Marvel Comics.

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David Mack – Dream Logic

 Dream Logic
English |CBR| ~235 pages |354 MB

              Collecting the entire Marvel Comics series of Dream Logic by David Mack, this hardcover includes original new stories as well as a gallery of art work, sketchbook, step by step art process with commentary on Mack’s cover work, Kabuki, and never before seen extras. Also included are the art and making of from Mack’s acclaimed tarot card set as well as Mack’s figure drawings that were exhibited with the works of Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele in Los Angeles and Chicago exhibits.

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Dark Horse – Red Moon

 Red Moon
English |CBR| ~240 pages |295 MB

        When Moon’s village is attacked and her father arrested, she embarks on an adventure to find the power to save him and bring joy back to the people of Burien. With the help of an invisible friend, Moon and her pal Antolin the acrobat will sail the high seas, befriend fairies, and fight volatile monsters. On their journey, they’ll gather the strength to confront the vast army controlling the citizens of her home and bring peace to the land.

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Sam Glanzman – A Sailor’s Story

 A Sailor's Story
English |CBR| ~176 pages |320 MB

         Legendary comic book artist Sam Glanzman draws upon his experiences aboard a WWII destroyer in these gripping tales of Navy life. Recounted in graphic novel style, these dramatic adventures realistically depict a teenager’s military career, from initiation and advancement through the ranks to tours of the Pacific and kamikaze attacks at the Battle of Okinawa. Includes a new 10-page story, Introduction by World War Z author Max Brooks, and more exclusive material. Contains adult material.

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Dark Horse – Reflections Art Book

 Reflections Art Book
English |CBR| ~321 pages |484 MB

           Ever wonder how David Mack does his artwork? How his pages and covers go from sketches and drawings to finished art? How he uses models and figure drawings?

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BOOM! Studios – Jim Henson’s The Storyteller

StorytellerEnglish |CBR| ~118 pages |202MB

             Archaia Comics released a 120-page hardcover anthology graphic novel based on Jim Henson’s The Storyteller on December 6, 2011. According to Archaia Comic’s Editor in Chief, Stephen Christy, there are three unused teleplays written by Anthony Minghella for the original series. Archaia took one of these unproduced scripts, "The Witch Baby", and adapted it in comic book format.

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Marvel Comics – Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition – Volume 1

 Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition
  English | CBR| ~36-240 pages |943 MB

               The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is an encyclopedic guide which details the fictional universe featured in Marvel Comics publications. The original 15-volume series was published in comic book format in 1982, followed by sporadic updates.

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Marvel Comics – Count Duckula – Issue 1-15

 Count Duckula Free Comic
English |CBR,CBZ| ~36 pages |435 MB

           Count Duckula appeared in North American comics under Star Comics (an imprint of Marvel Comics) and introduced an additional difference between this incarnation of Duckula which separated him from his predecessors. Due to ketchup being used in the resurrection ceremony, this version of Duckula has ketchup, rather than blood, flowing through his veins…

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Image Comics Collection – Volume 20

 Hero Camp
English |CBR,CBZ| ~24-64 pages |977 MB

             Image Comics is an American comic book publisher. It was immediately successful, and remains one of the largest comic book publishers in North America.

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