Armada Comics – Magic : The Gathering

 Magic - The Gathering
English |PDF| ~24-36 pages |439 MB

         The Shadow Mage was a comic series published by Armada in four volumes beginning in July, 1995. The story is continued in Wayfarer..

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Epic Illustrated Magazine – Issue 1-34

 Epic Illustrated
English | CBR| ~80 pages |961 MB

           Epic Illustrated was a comics anthology in magazine format published in the United States by Marvel Comics. Similar to the US-licensed comic book magazine Heavy Metal, it allowed explicit content to be featured, unlike the traditional American comic books of that time bound by the restrictive Comics Code Authority, as well as offering its writers and artists ownership rights and royalties in place of the industry-standard work for hire contracts. The series lasted for 34 issues from early 1980 to February 1986.

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DC Comics – DC Major Event Chronology – Volume 9

 Valor Comics
English |CBR| ~24-36 pages |951 MB

          The DC Universe (DCU) is the shared universe where most of the comic stories published by DC Comics take place. The DC superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are from this universe, while it also contains well known supervillains such as Lex Luthor, the Joker and Darkseid.

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DC Comics – Justice League Comic Collection – Volume 10

 JLA #8
English |CBR,CBZ| ~24-36 pages |977 MB

       The Justice League, formerly also called the Justice League of America or JLA, is a fictional superhero team that appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

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Image Comics – Girls – Issue 1-24

 Girls Comics
English |CBR| ~24 pages |425 MB

          It tells the story of the people of Pennystown, a community of 63 who are cut off from the rest of the world and attacked by a group of naked, flesh eating, egg-laying women, as well as other bizarre dangers. The first issue was published in May 2005 and the last in April 2007, after 24 issues.

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Archie Comic Publications – Volume 1

 Archie #1
English | CBR| ~32 pages |550 MB

         Archie Comic Publications, Inc. (or shortly known as Archie) is an American comic book publisher headquartered in Pelham, New York.

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Moonstone – The Phantom Comic Collection

 Phantom - Ghost Who Walks
English | CBR| ~32 pages |855 MB

          The main character, the Phantom, is a fictional costumed crime-fighter who operates from the fictional African country of Bangalla. The character has been adapted for television, film and video games.

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Marvel Comics – Conan Comic Collection – Volume 5

 Conan the Adventurer
English | CBR,CBZ| ~24 pages |1013 MB

           Marvel Comics introduced a fairly faithful version of Conan in 1970 with Conan the Barbarian, written by Roy Thomas with art initially by Barry Windsor-Smith, then John Buscema and Ernie Chan (aka Ernie Chua)…

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Image Comics Collection – Volume 10

 Crawl Space Comics
English |CBR,CBZ| ~24-54 pages |1022 MB

          Image Comics is an American comic book publisher. It was immediately successful, and remains one of the largest comic book publishers in North America.

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